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Mobile Pet Salon

Our dual mobile pet salons, equipped with cutting edge grooming equipment, allow for the highest level grooming service directly at the convenience of your doorstep.

Mobile pet salon highlights

  • Hot and cold water for comfortable bathing temperature
  • Heat & air conditioning for comfortable grooming
  • Clean and sterile environment. Because your pet deserves a clean place to get a bath and a groom
  • Generator/Hybrid Inverter - providing all our electrical needs
  • Super suds soap system - ensures a clean well groomed pet
  • Cosmos shampoo/conditioner system - quality delivery system
  • Forced warm air drying system, NO CAGES
  • Centra Vaccum - to cleanup that hair
  • Electric/Hydraulic Table - to lift the biggest breeds
  • Soothing music - for both your pet and our staff

Green Hybrid Technology

Our two mobile pet salons are completely green and utilizes hybrid power technology. We pride ourselves on taking this step to help the environment we all share. This hybrid system has been in place for several years and we plan to persue additional green policies in the future.

Picture of Mobile Pet Salon at Wunderful Tails Mobile Pet Salon Vans at Wunderful Tails Mobile Pet Salon