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Mobile Dog Grooming

Mobile Dog Grooming at Wunderful Tails

Deshedding Services

Pet Deshedding Services at Wunderful Tails

Skincare Treatments

Mobile Skincare Treatments at Wunderful Tails

Hydro Massage Therapy Bath at Wunderful Tails

Hydro Massage Therapy Bath

Hydro-massage bathing is an innovative development in bathing for dogs. This unique system produces a gentle, combing spray of shampoo and water using a hand-held massage sprayer. The shampoo solution penetrates your pet's fur and gets to the skin to remove dirt, debris, loose fur, dead skin, and dander, resulting in the healthiest skin possible. Your pets are sure to love the massage-like treatment.

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Why Mobile Dog Grooming?

Simply better for your pet and family

Benefits to your Pet

  • Less stress on the dog
  • No strange dogs interacting with your dog while in our van. Unlike a shop.
  • One on one service.. unlike in a shop who has multiple people.
  • Still can see they are home while being groomed.
  • No CAGE dryers or crates to sit in while grooming. Unlike shops use drying cages.
  • No multiple trips in the car to and from a shop.

Benefits to your Family

  • Less stress on your family
  • No car rides with a dirty dog in the clean car
  • No worries what is going on with our pet while in the shop.
  • Ready in about an hour for most breeds.